Unfortunate Driver Got His CHEVY CAMARO STUCK IN A MIDDLE OF RAIN FLOOD On Ali’I Drive In Kona!!!

Don’t you just hate when this sort of thing happens… In this video that you will find below, you will watch an expensive Camaro getting stuck on Ali’I Drive in Kona. You will ask how he managed to get stuck… Well what you need to know before watching the video is that this video is filmed in a middle of a rain flood that happened in Kona not that long ago.

Ok so at the start of the video we can just see how the rain is flooding the streets, the whole scene looked like some big river flooded the whole area. Anyways, at the start we will also see the beautiful silver Chevy Camaro fighting his way through the flood, that turned the streets into rivers. Few seconds in, we will see the Camaro making a right turn and that was his biggest mistake that he made. Right after the right turn, he got over a bump and then it happened. The whole Camaro just got stuck on the bump and he could not move forwards or backwards. People that were around the Camaro tried to help the guy but that was of no use.

The video is short and it might just give you a bit of laugh. Enjoy!


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