Great Motoring Hacks That Every Driver Should Know

Let’s face it, car ownership is tough enough without the never-ending fuel price increases and ridiculous labour charges. We pay a high price for the privilege of having a car parked in the driveway, but there are upsides; you have the luxury of driving your own vehicle and can pretty much go anywhere (for now) and we thought we’d bring you a few simple hacks to make your driving experience a little smoother.


  • Compartmentalise the trunk – Make a few sections of future board, cut to the right size to fit vertically or horizontally and voila! you have trunk sections to keep your stuff organised. They can easily be removed when you want to put your golf clubs in and choose a nice bright colour that contrasts with the upholstery.
  • Pre-source essential services – It’s no fun finding an automotive locksmith in Wollongong who can gain access to the car without damage when you are parked in a remote area. Pre-source an emergency locksmith, store the number in your device memory and make sure you subscribe to a 24/7 recovery service.
  • Stockings and worn wiper blades – Your partner can donate sole old tights or stockings and with a pair of scissors, cut out two rectangles and they can be wrapped around worn wiper blades to prevent the metal clips scratching the glass. They actually work very well and this will get you out of a bind! Keep a few longer sections, as they can be used when a belt snaps; simply tie in place tight and cut the excess fabric away.
  • Keep a litre of fuel in the trunk – A small metal container that can be attached to the trunk interior and should you ever run out of fuel, you’ll be glad you knew about this one! Search online for a safe container at any of the auto add-on stores to find a suitable bottle. Here are a few vehicle upgrades you might want to consider.
  • Handy towel holder – Use a short bungee cord and hook it between two points of the inner side of the trunk lid and this can hold a roll of kitchen tissue. Doesn’t take up any space and there will be times when this is a godsend!
  • DIY carpet – If you can get your hands on an off-cut of decent carpet, all you need is a sharp blade, a straight edge and some tape for the edges. You could approach a carpet store and ask to look at their cut-offs, which you could buy for a couple of dollars. This will test your carpet cutting and fitting skills and if in doubt, there are YouTube ‘how to’ videos.
  • Dash & rear cam – For what they cost, having a front and rear cam can come in very handy; if you are involved in an accident and the other driver is telling a yarn, you have the dash cam footage, which never lies!

There is some free information from the Australian government about safe driving and we hope that these hacks come in useful.


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