The Myth Busted: HOW DOES MANUAL TRANSMISSION WORKS And Why It Is Better Than The Automatic!

Maybe it sounds like something very old, but indeed it is, the manual transmission exists longer than we are alive. Now, to bring you the technology behind it first we will walk you through the most asked questions about it.

– Of which components the manual transmission is contained?

Everyone who got used to on automatic transmission hates the third infamous pedal, the clutch. The clutch is a system which synchronizes the flywheel and the pressure plate. It is contained from pressure plate, throwout bearing, diaphragm spring, clutch disk and other smaller parts. His main role is to transmit the torque power to the transmission!

pedals in a car

The flywheel exists only in the manual transmission and actually his main and only job is to deliver the torque power to the clutch disk.

The other parts are the selector fork, the synchronizers, the layshaft, the gears, the collars and the output shaft.

The fork’s main role is to select gears basically and it is controlled by the gear shift!  Inside the manual gearbox the collar is the main part which select the gears and it is splined with output-shaft at the moment when the gears rotate together with the layshaft. When the collar is locked in selected gear, the engine torque is transmitted to the output shaft.

The synchronizers exist to engage the collars between gears even if there exists a speed differential, or said we different words it helps the changing of the gears.

gears from car engine

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