I’m DIESEL, I’m Vin Diesel! What Time Is It? IT’S DIESEL TIME!!!

This time we will step into the actors’ world, yeah you might have thought that these people are arrogant and always cold-blooded but it’s not like that. They are also made from flesh and blood and they have feelings.

Every human being want to enjoy life and be happy, make jokes and live fulfilled life. That’s the definition. And only then life has meaning it’s not always about the money. But what’s the relation with Vin Diesel?

This time we bring you a video behind the scenes with the funniest moment of the recording of the movie Fast and Furious. But don’t you think that this guy on the video is smaller than Vin Diesel?

Yeah but it has the muscles like him and his voice reminds of him and he is doing some weird exercises in the garage, and he succeeded to prank his other fellow, Tyrese Gibson. It’s very interesting how he imitates the cold-blooded Vin Diesel.

This video is a must watch and shows the daily lives of the characters in the movie and how they enjoyed every moment. We will tell you a little secret before you watch the video, there’s also Paul Walker!


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