The Innovative Motorworks K20 Civic With Old School 67mm Turbo Is OUT HURTING FEELINGS AGAIN! Watch As It Takes On A Blown C6 Vette, Big Single Supra, GT500, Huracan, & More!

Honda Civic has split the racing public in half, some like it some don’t, and it is not up to us to judge if it is good or not. But as we can see in this video, this particular Civic is surprisingly fast and has earned some respect from us.

We can hear that the engine is not giving the perfect sound that should be coming from an engine like this, but we have to give it to the Civic that it has won races against some more powerful and bigger cars. The Honda Civic K20 is a classic race car, which is out of the racing world recently, because the general opinion has come to the surface.

The engine is running at so high psi that it is not understandable even for the engineers and only Honda knows why is that happening. The best and most important thing about this car is that it had its time in the races, it has won some tough races, some against Lambos and some GT500, but maybe it was because of the drivers who deserve half of the recognition, it is not only the car important in the race.


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