I Must Have WON A JACK POT: This Is THE BEST Compilation Of The Most Epic Car Sounds!!!

I have shown you guys few videos of car sound compilations but I just think those few posts were not enough so I have decided to make a few more posts with videos like those because to be honest the sound of a car is one of the best things for me.

In this video that was made by the YouTube channel Vehicle Virgins you will have the chance to hear few epic car sounds that I find to be very exciting, that is because all of them sound perfect. Here is the list of cars that you will see in the video, don’t be mad at me if I left out some because I just could not see all of the cars clearly. Enjoy the video and I hope that you will find it exciting as much as I did.

Car No.1-Lamborghini Gallardo
Car No.2 – Jaguar F-Type R
Car No.3- Mercedes C63 AMG
Car No.4- BMW M3
Car No.5- Ferrari FXX
Car No.6- Jaguar F-Type V6S
Car No.7- Chevy SS
Car No.8- Aston Martin Rapide S
Car No.9- Mercedes SLS AMG
Car No.10- E39 BMW M5
Car No.11- Ferrari LaFerrari
Car No.12- SRT Charger Hellcat
Car No.13- McLaren 650S
Car No.14- C7 Corvette Z06
Car No.15- Lamborghini Aventador
Car No.16- McLaren P1
Car No.17- Ford GT
Car No.18- E46 M3
Car No.19- Mercedes C63 AMG, Jaguar F-Type R, E39 BMW M5


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