PURE PLEASURE – The Launch Control Of A 800 HP Nissan GTR With Awesome Acceleration!!!

There is nothing like the launch control and the sound of the monumental Japanese monster. Of course, we are talking about the one and only Nissan GTR. For today we have chosen a special Nissan GTR which is capable of producing power of 800 hp and 970 lb-t of torque. The HKS 800 Turbos on 1.25 bar are responsible for such astonishing figures. Also the GTR is equipped with a full HKS exhaust system thanks to which we can hear a mighty roaring sound of this beast.

The video footage shown below is about to show you some noisy launch control of the Godzilla together with accelerations from 0 to 300 km/h at full throttle and powerful high revs. This video is the courtesy of YouTube user Car Acceleration TV from London, United Kingdom. It was made in collaboration with fellow YouTube RACE 1000 and the German tuning shop TC-Concepts located in Berlin.

Enjoy watching this impressive performance!


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