LET HER SHINE LIKE NEW – Tips for Cleaning Your Corvette!

Washing the car

Rinse off the dirt before you actually start washing the car. This way you will avoid scratching the surface from rubbing the dirt which is stamped there. Do not use detergents for dish washing because they are meant for striping off the grease and grime and will draw out the wax protection of the car’s surface. So use specifically designed products for this kind of problems.

So the best thing to do is to fill up two large buckets with water, one for rinsing and the other for the suds. Be sure that the surface of the car is cool and than hose the whole car, starting from the bottom. Then put the suds from the first bucket on the upper areas by using a compact terry towels or washing mitts and you can start with the “exercise”.

After the entire cabin is well done, use a slow stream of water, do not squirt it with a hard pressure because you will short up the drying period and there will be more water spots. Don’t forget to wash the inside and bottom edges of the doors, as well as the hood and the trunk, because these are the areas where a lot of dirt and moisture are clustering. When you get to the bottom, first do the tires than the wheels. It is important to clean the wheels good because dust and road salt can cause serious corrosion...CLICK BELOW ON NEXT PAGE to CONTINUE..


2 thoughts on “LET HER SHINE LIKE NEW – Tips for Cleaning Your Corvette!

  1. Seth Ashford

    I am going to be getting a corvette soon, and I want to make sure it will always look nice. I will definitely make sure to follow these tips so that I can have the nicest looking car in town all the time. Do you happen to also have a list of businesses that specialize in servicing corvettes? I really want to take care of my new baby. http://www.vetteconnect.com

    1. Mac

      I’m glad you find our article useful Seth. Congratulations on your new car. Unfortunately we don’t have a list of servicing businesses for Corvettes. Good luck with finding ones. 🙂

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