Lou Costabile’s 1964 The Munsters Dragula Drag-U-LA Coffin Car At Volo Auto Museum Is Simply AWESOME!!!

The older generation of readers will surely remember the famous sitcom that ran from 1964 to 1966 that was called The Munsters.

Oh you remember it now right? They were so famous that people stopped going to work in order to watch the new episode of The Munsters. Well there in the movie there was a gold plated Munster car and it looked so fabulous in black and white and can you imagine it how it would look on color TV?

Here we have it today in this review and let us tell you, it looks even more pretty in live. This hot rod drag car looks a little bit scary because instead of a classic chassis of a car, it has a coffin mounted in the middle of the base of the car and this is where you should sit in order to drive it. Would you sit there just to try it out?

Or is it going to be a little bit too creepy for you sitting in a coffin and driving a hot rod drag car. Well not for this guy who does a review for it. Check the link here:


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