STAGERRING DEADLY Hot Rod Called Achmedmobile!

Do you remember the fictional character Achmed the dead terrorist? Yeah, the “scary” one, bad to the bone who wants to terrorize the world. This time he is coming manufactured by Jeff Dunham with a mean heart!

The interesting thing here is that he is not an ordinary Achmedmobile, he is hot rod with mighty mind-blowing design, that won’t pass unnoticed. We must admit that Jeff Dunham done an awesome thing when he was designing Achmed with 3D printer.

Now let’s see what’s “under” the hood. Above we can notice the amazing ornament, Achmed’s head stuck on the mighty Chrysler Hemi engine bellow! It’s insane man! Just notice how Achmed’s mouth is moving like he wants to tell us something and warn us!

But the mighty and mean accent doesn’t finish here, notice the bombs on the front wheels and the huge enormous rear wheels which with the power they own can spin the planet Earth in a different direction!

Watch this awesome hot rod in the video bellow and you will find many other interesting details, it’s a real masterpiece! By the way, the video is recorded at Supercar Sunday Event.

So what do you think about this Achmedmobile?


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