General Lee’s Little Boy ROCKS THE STREETS! No Doubt This Is THE COOLEST ’69 Dodge Charger Go Cart On The Block!!! :) LOL

We all like to make some great things in our neighborhood, so that we will be remembered by something and people will talk about us long after we are gone.

Like this guy in the video, for sure he will be remembered and everybody will say for him, I really liked the guy with the red General Lee replica go cart. And it is safe to say that this is the coolest go cart in the block, there is no other like this small 1969 Dodge Charger R/T go cart, all man made and ready to be driven around the block.

There is no information about the engine of the go cart, and we don’t know if it is illegal to drive it in the block, but it is very cool to be seen in one of these, just rolling down with it. It sure took a long time to build a go cart like this, because every piece of the go cart looks very good machined, with no mistakes on the design.

We can also hear the engine in the video, it runs perfectly and drives the car with no problems. Be the coolest guy and build one go cart for yourself too.


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