OMG! This 1970 440 6-Pack Plymouth Barracuda is so Amazing, It Appears to be UNREAL!!!

All of us who love the classic all American muscle cars have a certain experience from our lives that had an important overall impact on the way we feel about the muscle cars. In today’s video we are going to introduce you with John Cross and his story, dating from the childhood, on how he fell in love with the 1970 440 6-Pack Plymouth ‘Cuda.

As a kid, John use to ride with his cousin’s ‘Cuda and that experience determined the way he was looking at cars in general and gave him an ‘obsession’ to own one of these legendary powerful cars some day. And now, after about four decades, John owns probably one of The best looking ‘Cudas you will ever see. And it is the very same car in which his cousin use to drive him as a boy – 1970 440 6-Pack Plymouth Barracuda, with shaker hood, 4 speed and 496ci engine that generates 700 HP and 684 pounds feet of torque.

It is really interesting story about the stunner looking car, sop watch this 12 minute video and enjoy in it.


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