Polaris Snowmobile Powered By AMERICAN MUSCLE Chevy V8 That Melts The Snow Underneath It! The MOST EVIL-SOUNDING SLED I’ve Ever Heard!

Polaris has made the Chevy V8 Snowmobile that has such great sound coming from the engine. And how wouldn’t they when this is a Chevy V8 engine that should be strapped in some Chevy Camaro. But instead of the Camaro the V8 engine is now fitted on a Polaris snowmobile that has enough power to fly over the snow not go through it. There was never before such a powerful snowmobile with such large engine fitted inside. This is the first one that is featuring the V8 engine that is so loud and great and it produces too much power for the snowmobile.

This particular Polaris XCR Snowmobile will be remembered as the first one that has a Chevy V8 engine under the hood. It’s a miracle how it fitted inside when taken into consideration the size of that thing. But the builder wanted something that will be large and yet very powerful too. There is no boring day on the snow when you get this amazing snowmobile we guarantee you that. Most of the fun comes when you rev the large engine in idle and you hear the roar of the eight cylinders inside. Hungry for fuel too this is a snowmobile that is not very fuel efficient but it is double the fun from the normal snowmobile.

The Chevy V8 Snowmobile is going too fast for any other snowmobile and racing will not prove anything, there is just no match for it. With modified drive train too there is more grip for the rollers it is going much faster now. The handling has been upgraded too. This upgrade was needed because of the higher speed that is reached, handling must be safe in order to drive this snowmobile as much as 80 km/h on the surface on the snow, maybe melting it a little.


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