RATE THIS FOOL (1 to 5) Wasting a Lamborghini Gallardo on a Dirt Road!

What you should do if there is a Lamborghini in your hands, and there isn’t a suitable place for it to be driven? In a situation like that one has nothing to do – just burn the tires wherever you are.

BRAKIMGHINI is the magic word. And magic is what actually Matt Brandenburg conducted with this orange Lamborghini Gallardo. With his teammates from Brakim Racing he plans to take this Gallardo and turn into a proper race car.

Matt Brandenburg from Brakim Racing is the owner of this orange Gallardo, and drives it before stripping this four-wheel drive supercar with V10 engine to build up rally car. Matt plans to show at the 2015 Empire State Performance Rally with this V10 beast in front of Subarus, Fords and all the other stage rally cars.

But before that, the Lamborghini still needs to be put into work with a few donuts, so there is no punishment to watch or listen to it. Watch this on the following video:


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