The Supersonic Speed of the Great Lamborghini Gallardo LP 570-4 Twin Turbo

If there ever was something that was setting aside the Italian luxury supercars from all the others sports cars, as well as from the American muscle cars, it was there unique futuristic appearance and their incredible ‘supersonic’ speed. That is a fact that is well known to all of us (whether someone agrees with it or not), so every time we come upon a good video in which some of the famous models of Ferrari, Maserati, Lamborghini are showing off its full potential of power and speed, we are keen to give you an opportunity for all of you to see it!

So, what we have here is a video of Lamborhini Gallardo, with a LP 570-4 Twin Turbo, being tested on a half mile stretch. It is happening in runway in Georgia that is about 2 600 ft above the sea level, where humidity is also on high level, so it is very hard to go as fast as possible in this conditions.

Yet, this Gallardo LP 570-4 Twin Turbo is showing us why it is one of the very best and fastest sportscars out there. Watch the video and see the result for yourself.


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