MEGA WORK OF ART: BMW Masterfully Restored The Beautiful BMW 507 Owned By THE KING ELVIS PRESLEY!!!

The Bavarian manufacturer restored this true automotive icon – a beautiful specimen of the BMW 507 which once belonged to the King of rock and roll – Elvis Presley! Only 254 copies of the beautiful BMW 507 were produced and Elvis Presley bought this sample during his stationing in Germany. Although for a long time the history of this car was not exactly know, nor if and when Elvis took the sample from Germany to the United States, and after fifty years the authenticity of the car is finally confirmed.

The mystery around the beautiful BMW 507 of Elvis Presley is determined thanks to the American journalist Jackie Jouret which found out that the car was first owned by the runner Hans Stuck. She learned that the German racer won several mountain races in Germany, Austria and Switzerland driving a white BMW 507 with chassis number 70079 and license plate M JX-800.

The same sample was exposed to the Frankfurt Motor Show in 1957 and was used as a vehicle intended for the media. In 1958, when Stuck no longer used it for racing, the vehicle was sold to a dealer in Frankfurt where it got a new transmission. Elvis Presley, who was 23 and was a soldier stationed in Germany, tried the car at the local dealer and immediately bought it. The vehicle received military plates which change every year, and it was so difficult to trace the history of the beautiful convertible.

It is interesting why Elvis decided to repaint his BMW 507 from white to red – female fans of the king of rock music left messages written in lipstick, so it was simply easier for the whole car to be red. It is not known why Elvis decided to replace the factory V8 with V8 from Chevrolet. The car ended up in the hands of car collector Jack Castor, who suspected that the car has an interesting history, but could never reliably confirmed that it was Elvis’ car.

When BMW Group Classic took the vehicle to do a full restoration, the car had no motor or transmission. In addition, the rear axle was not original and corrosion began to seriously erode the floor. The seats were already worn out, and most of the instruments simply disappeared. Because many of the components had to be made from scratch and some parts (such as handles for lowering and raising the windows and door handles) are made with 3D printing. BMW engineers even managed to find an old 3.2-liter V8, which unfortunately could not get a number of the engine because of the mixing of old and new parts.

A beautiful specimen with tremendous history and importance – and we are happy that it was restored and returned to its former glory!

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