GOING 4WD IS NOW PIECE OF CAKE! The Bush Winch Is A Versatile Piece Of Recovery Equipment That Relies On Engine Power!!!

How about you own a home made 4WD? Yes it is here now, and we will share the trick with you, so that whenever you are stuck in some deep mud, you found yourself in a deep rocky path, or even on the snow, you can use this contraption and get the vehicle out of the problem. This clever man showed the trick how he made his truck with 4WD, with some home made parts that can be mounted on every vehicle, and transform it to the ultimate off road vehicle.

The system is composed from several parts, that need to be mounted on the main wheel drive, then on the free wheel that has no power on it, and then connect the two with some super strength rope, and you are set to go. The parts that are needed to make your vehicle 4WD will not cost you much, they can even be found in the junkyard if you want to save some more money. You can extend the rope so much that when the wheels cannot get you out of the mud, then you tie the rope to the nearest tree, put the vehicle in first gear and watch it being pulled.


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