Mud 1 Cummins 0…Cummins Truck COMPLETELY STUCK In A Deep Mud Hole At River Run ATV Park!

River Run ATV Park is situated on the Neches River on the west of Jacksonville and southeast of Frankston in Texas. Here you can enjoy mudding and off-roading on more than 2,000 acres offering you great off-road and mud fun with ATVs, 4 x 4 trucks and other off-road vehicles.

Here is one captured scene of this year’s edition of the New Year’s ride at this mud park. In it we see two large mud trucks attempting to cross a deep mud hole. First a diesel powered Chevy truck tries to cross it but with futile efforts. Then a Cummins truck with larger tires gave a shot too but that was even a greater fail. In the end the Cummins truck got completely stuck in the mud making it even deeper, so it had to be pulled with a tow strap by the Chevy.

Of course, our friends at ROCKWELLOFFROAD.COM were there to film the whole event and share a great video for you to see. Enjoy watching this great mud show!


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