The STRENGTH But No Brain! SEE WHAT HAPPENS When You Are Towing a Truck Without It!

“Relax man, we will take care of your truck, don’t worry about. All we need is a good tow strap. That´s what you do with these straps, you just go.” These naïve thoughts were probably hanging around in this driver’s mind that you’re about to see on the following hilarious video.

However, this guy in a Ford Ranger has got it all wrong when he maxes out his pickup truck backwards to pull off his stalled buddy in the Dodge Ram.

Have you ever seen or needed to tow a truck like that? I do not know where he learned to tow with the truck but I’m sure that this is NOT the recommended method. When a guy in the tow truck speeds like that you can be pretty sure that something will come out flying. Well, in this case it was only the front bumper of the truck.

At least he will learn a good lesson that tow straps do not work that way. Hopefully someone will learn of his mistakes. If there are more people who are so stupid 🙂 LOL

Enjoy watching this hilarious video, courtesy of YouTube channel Good Videos!


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