The MONUMENTAL 1971 Plymouth ‘Hemi Cuda! Flexing its Muscles and DRIVING HARD!

This model is one of the best “strong machines” by Chrysler, with a beautiful design of the body and awe causing V-shaped eight-cylinder engine with hemispherical combustion chambers. As standard, the car used monocoque central section with auxiliary chassis frames in front and back, but this model is famous for the fact that in the back was lifted the standard suspension of the production car, which replaced the used in drag races, four-link with shock absorbers in the spring.

Also, in order to fit the 470 mm wide racing tires designed for highway and for the race track, the company Mickey Thompson, the model was fitted with aluminum “pockets” for the internal arches, this means that the rear seats and the most of the trunk disappeared. The engine model was modified by Dick Landy Industries and its power became about a half times more than the standard with a hemispherical combustion chamber. A four-speed manual transmission and a transmission range of amounts to 4.56: 1, allows the model to run the quarter mile in 11 seconds.

We found a nice little video showing a day of driving with the bad naughty fish and enjoying the ride. Hope you like it 🙂


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