The Ultimate Driving Machine At Geneva Motor Show 2015 With Extremely Staggering Appearance: 2015 BMW i8!

After we personally met and saw this extraordinary beautiful car we fully agree with the BMW’s explanation about this car: “It’s an icon of progress-an extraordinary evolution of The Ultimate Driving Machine”!

And believe us when you can see and touch the car with the scissor doors for the first time, a shark nose grill and all that beautifully suited in a sport looking car, the interior and the 4 passengers seats feels like 5 star luxurious hotel, all the aforementioned will lead you to the real spirit of the car, a plug-in hybrid that sparks revolution in every ignition.

We had the opportunity to hear the official speaker who explained the technical details which are also amazing as the look of the BMW i8! The power train is 3-cylinder TwinTurbo Power engine which wit the two electric motors produce amazingly 375hp and 400lb-ft of torque and accelerates the car faster than the BMW M3 to 60 mph for 3.6 seconds and reach the maximum speed of 155mph.

Also it is worth to be mentioned the agile handling, the extraordinary braking system and the sharp steering, yeah, we cannot allow ourselves not to mention the fuel economy. Watch the video to see the 2015 BMW i8 how proudly is standing at the Geneva Motor Show 2015.


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