Top Jobs for Car Lovers

Finding a job that suits both your skill set and your passions is important. Most of us spend around a third of our days at work and many of us take our work home with us after 5 pm.

Since so much of our lives are spent working, it’s important to follow a career path that lights our souls on fire. Something that we can see ourselves doing for decades to come.

To succeed in a career, you need to be truly interested in it. If you love nothing more than taking a look under the hood of a vehicle or polishing its exterior, getting a car-related job might be a great option for you.

There is a wide range of jobs available for car enthusiasts. In this article, we’re going to give you a list of the best car-related careers for you to consider.


Car Wash Attendant

As a car wash attendant, you will be responsible for making your customer’s cars look brand-new. It’s perfect for those of you who enjoy being on your feet and getting stuck into your work.

Your role will entail washing, scrubbing, and polishing the exterior of every car that comes into the facility. You will also vacuum and dry clean the interior carpets and materials of each car if requested.


Car Dealer

If you’re great at selling things to people, why not combine your love of cars and your sales skills to become a car dealer? As a car dealer, you will work in a car dealership to help customers find the perfect car for their needs.

To succeed as a car dealer, you need to have great communication skills. You’ll be interacting with a wide range of different people to determine their needs and preferences.

Most car dealers specialize in one car manufacturer and become experts in the different models that are made by this manufacturing company. If you are already very knowledgeable about a particular manufacturer or love to learn about new cars, you will succeed in your career as a car dealer.


Car Mechanic

As a car mechanic, you will work in a garage to help your customers resolve acute or ongoing issues in their vehicles. You will need to have great problem-solving skills to determine where the issue is within the vehicle and how to fix it.

Your job as a car mechanic will involve looking under the hood, through the exterior, and underneath the body of different cars. You will need to have great knowledge about the way a car works and how each of the intricate pieces of the vehicle function in combination with one another.

Being a car mechanic is a great option for those of you who like to stay active in your job. There is no doubt that you will reach your daily step count as a mechanic because you will be on your feet for pretty much all of your shift.

Mechanics interact with lots of different customers and clients, and there is ample opportunity to progress within this career.


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