HILARIOUS TRUCK UNLOADING FAIL: Beer Cases Fall All Over The Ground After Workers Accidentally Drop Them!!!

How we wish we were near this beer truck, when the workers unload the beers on the road by mistake. This is due to careless workers, and all of you who own a company watch out for these employees, as they can cost you more than you expect them to.

We don’t know how they wanted to unload the beer, but as we can see they think that the pallet would just jump off the truck on the ground without any damage. Both of the workers, take the forklift and push it under the pallet, rise it up in the air and pull it towards the door. What they didn’t do, is to put support under the door to take the pallet and lower it onto the ground.

They pulled the pallet and there it goes, thousands of beer bottles shattered on the ground causing great damage for the company and probably they got themselves fired after the owner watching this video.

There is no way that he kept them employed after this cardinal and unbelievable mistake that they have done with the forklift and the pallet.


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