UNFORTUNATE OWNER Of Plymouth ‘Cuda 440 Found His Stolen Car But Cannot Retrieve It Back!?

This weird story happened to a couple 13 years ago, when the car was stolen from their garage, and 13 years later they found their car and called the police but the cops couldn’t do anything because the theft was long time ago.  How would you react if this unwanted event happened to you, but that’s not all, hear the name of the car, Plymouth Barracuda 440!

If that was our car, we would get emotional when the first time we see it again after 13 years, and feel nostalgic for the roars from the 440 cubic inches 4-barrel V8 engine which can deliver 375BHP! And plus imagine this beauty of car on rally wheels painted dark green! Hell of a ride we admit it, and if you own it believe us, you will be deeply connected with this beast. Just play the video bellow and see the owner’s face expression, after 13 years he is still sad about the loss of his four-wheel pet.

We can just imagine the moment the morning when he went to his garage and his 440 ‘Cuda was not there, that must have broken his heart.

Watch the video and see how this couple found the car after 13 years!


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