UNIQUE Toyota 4Runner Offroad SUV Made With Tonka Toys At 2015 SEMA Motor Show! It Speaks: “LET’S GO PLACES!”

This SUV is unique, here on the SEMA 2015 Motor show and out of it. There is no other like the Toyota 4Runner Tonka SUV, and we will show you why.

The designers of Toyota together with their colleagues at the Funrise Toy Corporation really did their jobs this time, and came up with this gorgeous looking SUV, with the body color and the design of the letters on the vehicle. They painted big yellow letters with the name of the SUV so that they make sure we don’t forget it and don’t stop talking about it.

The letters are yellow and big, and so are the rims. The rims are painted yellow to go along with the logo design, and they are big also, so that you will be sure that this SUV will take you anywhere that you want to go in any terrain.

4Runner stands for 4×4 and with being so big, there would be no chance for it if it was two wheel drive only. The interior of the SUV is modern design, as we thought that it would be, no problem with that, looks futuristic and ready to navigate us on the road.


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