Impressive And Unusual Russian Planes KEPT TOP SECRET In The Past Are Now Incredibly Popular – NOTHING CAN STOP THEM!!!

Not many photos are available of these flying Russian monsters, because they were kept top secret at all times. The Russian army wanted to make the impossible, to make the flying fortress, which nobody has done it before.

These planes were so big, that not many people believe that they were actually flying in the air. But in order to fly these monsters, the Russian army needed to fir a propeller in any free place that they had on the fortress, because they were heavy and they needed many engines to get them into the air. The planes look like they are coming from the Star Wars movies, they look so futuristic and powerful at the same.

They have many compartments on board, and many rooms inside, because they are meant to carry more than 50 people on board, and they needed to carry food and supplies for many days, because after all this is a fortress and it is not supposed to go on the ground until the land is secure too.

The Russians have their way of doing things, especially big things and we are all fans of them.


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