Well Here Is Your V8-gasm (VK56DE) Engine From Nissan!!! ENJOY THE SOUND and Dream On!

Putting a V8 engine in enclosed conditions, removed from the car and mounted on an engine holder is not as easy as it sounds. But the sound coming from it when it’s all done is incredible and as the author says it’s orgasmic.

Maybe but there is a hell of a lot of work to be done before you can even think of starting the engine. Removing it from the car is a story itself, after that you will need engine holder with really stable groundings to hold it in place because it is heavy and powerful as well because it comes from Nissan and It is a V8. Yup, the good old VK56 engine.

Connecting all the wires to the sparklers and to the battery, the pipes to the air filter and the fuel pipes to the improvised fuel tank is easy, just follow the order as you removed them and you will have no problem at all. The work is done and now the moment of truth, will it start? If you have connected all correctly it will start without a problem and the sound that is coming from the powerful V8 is pumping the level of adrenalin up and only up. Check out this video:


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