WILL HE PULL OUT? – This Truck Has Some Real Power! AMAZING!

What we have here is one of those ultimate off-road power demonstration and show off performances, done by an old, but very powerful Czech truck in mud lake (or river), very similar to the American Mudfests. Well, almost.

But anyway, this truck is demonstrating its engine power and driver’s skills, placing itself way too deep into the mud and water, but miraculously, the guy is handling it very good and manages to overcome all those mud holes and get on the bank. Unfortunately we do not have any info about the truck, so we are just going to conclude that it is one great piece of machine.

I do not know whether this is a part of show over there in the Czech Republic or just an ‘isolated incident’, but it sure as hell is pretty impressive. Watch the video and see what I’m talking about.


One thought on “WILL HE PULL OUT? – This Truck Has Some Real Power! AMAZING!

  1. Tim

    Events like that one on the video has long history in czech republik… The category is called Truck Trial and there are races around czech rep. Like in old unused army bases or mining areas…. There are used trucks as Tatra 813 , Tatra 815 , Praga V3S and so on… with modified diesel engines

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