Rocky Off Road Adventures – Ultimate Endurance Test (VIDEO)

These guys obviously can not be satisfied with an ordinary off road journey (I’m guessing that it would be too trivial for them), so they have taken upon the task of doing something more extreme.

Rocky Off Road

After spending quiet a big amount of miles on the mountain roads, team had decided to put their 4 Runners and Wranglers on a really tough endurance test – a trip through the rocks in the BJ loop area. Probably calling those obstacles just as rocks would be way too modest, because as you will see on the video bellow, they are real big boulders. Thanks to the 2.5 inch lift and 35 inch tires and the lift kit called Max Travel System from the Rock Krawler company, these trip ended up with a success.

Rocky Off Road 1

Really raw off -- road adventure and ultimate endurance test for the vehicles. Watch the video and you will se what I’m talking about.


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