WOW! This Guy Has Got Some Skills! Check Out This Alfa Romeo Snow Drifting!

Who says that during the winter times, those who are living in the snow covered area cannot enjoy drift-driving? For a driver who has good driving and drifting skills, there is no such thing as impossible or just a clear road with sunny skies for having some drifting fun. Today we are going to show you one such example, a guy who is rocking and rolling his Alfa Romeo 75 Twin Spark on a fully snow covered mountain road, just like it was a completely ‘normal’ situation.

We do not have the exact info about what is there under the hood of this old Alfa Romeo, but it really is not that important in this case. The point is that we really do not have many chances to watch someone getting sideways so cool and sure of himself, that really cannot leave indifferent anyone who loves drifting. So check out the video and enjoy, I think that you will get the proper dose of motivation and positive vibes. Afterwards, you can tell us what you think about it in the comment section below.

And if you want to find out more about the Alfa Romeo, go to this link.


2 thoughts on “WOW! This Guy Has Got Some Skills! Check Out This Alfa Romeo Snow Drifting!

  1. Walt

    Thank´s for sharing my video 🙂

    It was a few years ago, with my stock Alfa 75 TS.

    Check out my Youtube Channel for a few other videos.


    1. Mac

      You’re welcome Walt. We enjoyed every second of it. Very impressive drifting. Best regards! 🙂

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