10 Basic Things to Know About Cars

Nowadays, it is quite easy to buy a car, and to drive that car has become more comfortable now. Nevertheless, it is a challenging task to get a decent idea about what makes your car work properly. You must know the tips to maintain the tip-top shape of the car, whether it is a manual car or coucou auto. If you know how to drive the car properly but have the least idea about the proper maintenance of the vehicle, then it can create troubles for you.

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Don’t fear; there is nothing much serious as we can help you in the identification of essential things you must know about the cars. We are hopeful that following these things will help you in the proper maintenance of the cars and will make you the expert driver.


Things you must know about cars

Following are the different things you must know about car including;

  • Engine Oil of the Car

A lot of people believe that the purpose of oil is to burn fuel, but it is also used to clean, lubricate, and cool the car engine as well. What it shows that it’s not the oil that will help in driving the car; there are other things associated with the car too.  These other things include oxidation, thermal degradation, and compressive heater. All these things get the deposit in the engine and help in the creation of appropriate friction where the oil starts flowing correctly.

  • Purpose of dipstick

Every car owner must know the meaning of dipstick. It not only indicates how much oil is available in the car but also indicates proper or inappropriate maintenance of the car. If you find grit in the oil, then it must be appropriately maintained; otherwise, your car is of no use.

  • Use of spare tire

The purpose of the spare tire is not to add frolicsome décor to a car; it is used in case the tire gets flat. So, you must know better about the spare tire of the car along with other tools and jacks as well. The knowledge about spare tire will let you change the tire without taking someone else’s help. You can place the spare tire anywhere according to your vehicle model. Usually, the driver places it inside the trunk panel or trunk.

It is also preferable to check the spare tire of the vehicles along with its usual tires because flat spare tires can create trouble too. However, you must know about how to change the flat tires so that you may change it without any problem.

  • Car Brakes

You must know how to control the brakes of the car properly and what is the purpose of each brake of the vehicle. It is essential to monitor the brakes of the car. It is a matter of complete security and safety of the car. We strongly recommend you to check the brakes properly, and when you feel that the steering of the car is shaking soon after you step on the brake, then you must recheck it. It may indicate that the stability of the car is in danger, and the security of the car requires proper maintenance too. You will have to get a better idea about the anti-braking system also.

  • Vehicle Owner’s Manual

Though the owner manual is not the most imperative thing that must be considered at any cost, we strongly suggest you go through it properly, especially when you are a new driver. The core benefit of adequately checking the manual is that it properly explains all the functions of the car. It enables you to get the proper idea about the sign on the dashboard and what is the purpose of beeping sound indication.  If you are learning driving, then the owner manual can help you in determining the driving like a pro. However, you must follow the proper guideline before you start learning the driving.  So, it may take some extra time to understand the manual correctly, but it is in your favor to follow all the instructions mentioned in the manual. If you haven’t bothered checking the manual, then you must check in the first place.

  • The function of windscreen wipers of the car

You must know the purpose of car windscreen wipers as they are imperative to provide you with the proper vision in the unfavorable weather condition. Windscreen wipers help in the provision of clear vision when its heavy rain when you are driving. If your windscreen wiper is broken, then you must fix or replace it; otherwise, it can adversely affect the driving experience in the unpleasant weather. So before you leave your house for the new endeavor, you must check the windscreen wipers properly.

  • Pressure of Tire

You may not require adequate knowledge to check the pressure of the tire as the keen observation is enough to let you know whether to change a tire or not. But if you don’t check the tire pressure properly, then it can create a problem while driving the car. So the pressure of both tires must be appropriately leveled. Tires with abnormal pressure can be damaged severely.

  • Test Out the Engine light

It is imperative for all the car owners to properly check the engine indicator that is available in the car. If you have noticed that the engine light is flashing, then probably there is something wrong with the vehicle. It would help if you fixed it before you properly drive the car.

  • Car Maintenance

You have bought a new car, and you assume that it will be working correctly for the whole life then it is not possible. You will have to take care of car maintenance as well. Once a month, you must take it to the mechanic for the causal support. The battery life needs to be appropriately monitored if it’s not proper then change it before it damages the whole car.

  • Take services of a good Auto shop

A well-experienced mechanic should do car maintenance. Choosing an excellent auto shop or experienced mechanic doesn’t mean that you will have to consider the nearest auto shop or mechanic who provides the services at the cheapest rate. You must know the worth of the car and make a wise decision while choosing the right auto shop or the mechanic.


The purpose of this discussion was to let you know different factors that must be known by every car owner. Proper knowledge and implication of serious factors can help your driving experience pleasant and worth remembering. Otherwise, you will have to prepare yourself for some repulsive experience.


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