1954 Chevrolet Suburban 3800 Street Rod At The 2016 Kavalcade Of Kool – A Cool Party Wagon JUST PERFECT FOR YOU!

Hey there my good fellow gearheads and fans of all that is cool in the world of cars. Today we’ve got for you one very lovely old vehicle, now freshly restored into an amazing work of art. Not only that this cool truck has the classy red looks but it also has a very nice touch in the interior that you will definitely love. This is a 1954 Chevrolet Suburban 3800 with a straight long body in the back which provides not only just enough storage or some ordinary seating, but it is also loaded with few modern amenities that are surely to provide nothing but maximum comfort.

The Chevrolet Suburban has a table, couch, TV, DVD player, mood lights, and a little extra storage – one damn good party wagon we should say! The owner of this Chevy Suburban definitely has a pretty good idea how to make the best use of this truck and not just leave it to rot in his garage. He’s a true lover of vehicles.

This is a very sweet ‘54 Chevy Suburban 3800 Street Rod that our good buddy ScottieDTV filmed during the 2016 Kavalcade Of Kool event at the Auctions America Park located in Auburn, Indiana. The owner Gary has had this Chevy Suburban truck for more than three decades. Can you only imagine all the love and appreciation the owner has had for this truck for 31 years now. This 1954 Chevrolet Suburban street rod is still a work in progress but we believe that you will agree with us, Gary is on a good way to build one very cool hot rod. Next thing that Gary plans to do with the Suburban is paint it black to go along with the two-tone black and gray interior.

Take a look at this sweet 1954 Chevrolet Suburban 3800 in the following video below:


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