1967 Camaro “ULTIMATE SIXTY SEVEN” Built And Finished By Ultimate Auto: This SEMA-Featured Camaro Is The Stuff YOUR DREAMS ARE MADE OF!!!

Bring back the old day’s cars cannot go without a few words about the 1967 Camaro that has left such a great mark in the cars industry. And not only in the car industry, but also in the racing world we have seen too many times before this car being made a beast and winning races at the Street Outlaws races. Street Outlaws is not the only place that this car has made a difference, the 1967 Camaro  has been a proud member of the IHRA racing as well making the opponents scared and going home crying too.

Now this is a 1967 Camaro that has been totally rebuild using the modern materials of the day and also the upgrades that other cars can only wish for. It has the custom body built together with the carbon fiber roof too. The carbon fiber is making the car to look futuristic, not like it is coming from 1967 age.

Featuring the LS9 engine under the hood, this car is a proud LS carrier that is going to make all the difference in the world reinforced with the Tremec T56 as well. It has been taken to a lot of car shows in the world winning the first places of many of them. The latest first prize won is the largest as well. The car won the 2015 GoodGuys Builder’s choice award which is a great honor. It means that all the builders of cars has chosen this car to be the best built one for the year.

For sale at RK Motors Charlotte this is the 1967 Camaro  that has been made a piece of art car that is going to win many more awards at the car shows across the world, bringing home the gold every time it goes out.


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