Presenting The 1970 Custom Dodge Charger TANTRUM at 2015 SEMA Motor Show. This Mopar Thing LOOKS TOTALLY SICK!!!

The 1970 edition of the magnificent Dodge Charger was the best one ever, used in all kinds of racing events and drift events as well. It was massively used because of the enormous engine that was fitted inside of the car.

Here on the 2015 SEMA Motor Show, this 1970 custom Dodge Charger labeled ‘Tantrum’ was presented in a way that the presenters wanted us to look at the engine more time. They made the engine look like new, and it really catches the eye of the viewer and the audience. The exhaust pipes had been changed and now they are the main thing to look at when you see the engine.

Eight pipes coming out of the engine makes you think about all the power that this engine has and left us wondering how fast it accelerates the car. Aside from the engine, the team kept this car as simple as possible, without spending money on flashy accessories and gadgets.

Simple interior with curved shifter, which is not the best idea that they had but it is there and empty dashboard. On the side of the driver there are few gadgets for temperature, nothing else. Keep it simple and fast is the motto.


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