Black Devil TERRIFIES The AUDIENCE! 1971 Dodge Charger 612 HEMI Raising Hell With Massive Burnout!

Yeah by the title you can predict what is going on here. Consider this article with warning purpose, if you meet this black devil out there to know what you are dealing with!

Maybe you are used to the aggressive 1972 Dodge Charger look, but what’s under the hood will make your jelly tremble, literally! And our reaction was like “God damn, this is not human at all”!

Let’s bring a little history about this everlasting black beauty. Yeah, this is one of the “survivor” cars through the decades which are still fighting on the good, old fashioned way with the new technology.

What does this 612 HEMI mean to you? For us the engine was stolen from the devil’s cars from hell. It is too much, 612 cubic inches, massive V8 producing more than 650 hp (in our opinion, because the author of the video Pihlos didn’t wanted to share the power with us)!

When this engine is running it’s like the gates from hell are opening and all the evil is absorbed, and honestly this sound and power we think can pull the moon closer to the Earth. And yeah; it looks and sounds SCARY!


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