1971 Oldsmobile Nitrous Is A SPECIAL STORY At Streetcar Takeover Oklahoma City – John’s Oldsmobile Is A TRUE STREET CAR That Can Hit A High 8-Second 1/4 Mile E/T!

This is one proud owner of the nitrous 1971 Oldsmobile that has been in his hands for a long time now. The owner says that since he was a baby he was driven in the back seat of the car and now he is the owner of it. The friend of his mother bought this amazing ride in 1971 and he is born in 1968. But the first owner wanted to sell the car and that is when he took the money out of his piggy bank and he went and bought it. At fourteen it is the best thing to do. Maybe the car sat in the garage for a couple of years until he got his license to drive but it was all worth it. After he bought the 1971 Oldsmobile he wanted to sell it so many times but who would sell this beauty?

Now he is keeping it until he is alive and he is going to race at all the time. There were more than twenty engine combinations that have been changed during the years and now it is stuck with the small block under the hood. It is the engine that suits this car the most and it is fastest with it. We didn’t even mention the nitrous that has been installed as well. This is the boost that every race driver needs sometimes and with this 1971 Oldsmobile it is the wind in the back when this driver needs it. Racing this beast on the quarter mile race at Streetcar Takeover is the best thing to see. With the great body line and with all the work that has been done on the hood and on the sides you can hardly tell that this is a 1971 Oldsmobile, especially with the nitrous installed in the trunk of the car.


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