2 VIDEOS that Will Blow Your Mind! Bike DRIFTING EXCELLENCE – Supermoto Drifting !!!

The Motard is set up for such extremists! It can handle with any road conditions (pits, potholes, smooth roads, curbs, etc.). Looks like a cross bike, but the hallmark of the motard is in its wheels. They are with the same size but instead of the motocross’s studded rubber it is shod in usual slick tires. This class of motorcycles is produced by almost all known manufacturers such as Kawasaki, Honda, Ducati, Yamaha, etc.

On the second video we see masters Ernie Vigil and Savage Lin in their Triumph STREET TRIPLE Rs,  getting some sideways while sliding around 400 lb. Check it out!

Professional riders on supermoto say that if a motard is riding on two wheels -- it’s a bad motard, and that those who drive it like that, the Satan takes them to hell, teaches their minds a lesson and makes them drive a Lada 🙂

The motard was indeed created to kink it in the morning until late at night in the back or on the front wheel, hence the motard is ideal for stunts since the landing on it is decently comfortable. Racing with these “motorcycles” occurs, so to say, on small winding kart circuits with small obstacles as jumps or dirt. Unlike conventional races, where the average speed exceeds 200 km/h. on the track the motards go up to 160 km/h due to the winding road.


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