2007 Audi RS4 BURSTS A TIRE By Clipping The Edge Of A Rock In A WILD CHASE After 2017 Acura NSX!!! Heavy Price To Pay For This Failed Attempt!

This video of the 2007 Audi RS4 which is chasing a 2017 Acura NSX seems like is out of the Need For Speed game. The drivers are both mad and driving like crazy and they want to be number one, but only the better gets to be. We can clearly see which one is better and which one is handling better the car. But there is a huge difference in the cars that cannot be denied. The Audi RS4 is made back in the 2007 and the Acura NSX is newest model made this year. Now that is a difference that has determined the winner even before the race has started.

There is a difference in the engines and also in the technology that these cars use. The Acura NSX is using the handling system that is enabling the car to steer much better in the curves and to get out of them in a perfect way without losing too much of the speed. On the other hand the Audi RS4 is getting into the curves like crazy, going from one lane and exiting from the other eventually bringing it to the edge.

There is the girlfriend of the driver in the Audi that is saying that he is going to kill them both if he continues to drive like this. And it is true, the driver of the Acura is much better and with the given better car there is no way that he will lose the race. Initiating a race in these conditions is very dangerous because this is a road that is said for slow driving, not for racing. But maybe the drivers played too much Need for Speed and now they want to try it out in the real world with real cars. The tire just blew up when the driver got it to the edge, luckily no one was harmed.


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