3 Ways Vehicle Batteries Have Advanced in The Last 10 Years

Vehicle Batteries are continuing to advance each year and it is these innovations that are pushing technology to the next level. Those who want to understand how far the battery has come don’t have to look far. Just over the past 10 years, there have been major changes in how car and low speed vehicle batteries are designed.

Here is a detailed look at three ways vehicle batteries have advanced in the last 10 years and what this means for the industry moving forward.

1) Extended Range

The first and biggest advantage has been seen through the extended range. A great battery is only good when it is functional and that is something manufacturers have been working hard on. Remember, there was a time when electric/hybrid vehicles seemed like an impossible task.

What was the reason for it not being possible? What was the issue manufacturers believed was getting in the way? It really had to do with how long the battery would last.

It had to do with range and not being able to put together a battery that would last long enough to make it a reasonable investment for both manufacturers and car owners. However, this has all changed in recent years and electric vehicles have become a common sight now and we even see low-speed vehicles like golf carts in inner cities and smaller communities.

The range continues to increase and that is what makes it such a fascinating part of the automotive industry. As the battery life continues to grow, it makes it a more worthwhile investment for car owners.


2) Built-In Charging

This is not something people are going to be using all the time, especially with regular vehicles, but it is something that is being seen in the industry. For example, those with hybrid vehicles and/or electric vehicles appreciate this feature.

The idea of being able to directly charge the battery without having it leave the vehicle is a major innovation and it is something that didn’t seem possible before.

This advancement has also pushed the industry to new heights as more and more vehicles enter the fray. These batteries are powerful, compact, and pack a punch when it comes to performance metrics. As a result, those who want to see value in what modern technology has to offer should only take a look at batteries to see how far things have come along.


3) Compact Sizing

The amount of space a battery takes plays an essential role in how other parts are laid out. This is something manufacturers have been working on for generations in a bid to build sleeker, faster cars without compromising on battery quality.

To do this, they have taken the time to look at different chemicals and layouts to see what works the best. Keeping this in mind, the past 10 years have led to a significant change in how things are done. Car batteries are smaller than ever before while packing quite a punch.

These batteries aren’t losing out on quality and continue to generate impressive results regardless of how much power a car needs. This is why more and more batteries are starting to last longer and age gracefully. This is not how it used to be during the 2000s.

These are the main innovations that have been seen in the world of batteries. Vehicles are always going to be on the cutting-edge of advancements when it comes to batteries and ensuring things are done the right way. This is why more and more people are leaning towards new-age cars including electric vehicles.

In the past, electric vehicles weren’t an option because the range wasn’t there, but that is a problem of the past. With each passing year, the range continues to increase and that is what makes modern batteries exceptionally well-designed.


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