4 Reasons You Should Rent a Sports Car, Not Buy One

Lamborghini Aventador S

Sports car rental is an increasingly common phenomenon; people getting a little taste of luxury and aerodynamism by taking out a Porsche 911 or a Lamborghini Huracan for a weekend. It’s a fun way to enjoy cars, and some people do it as a way of sampling before the buy.


The way we see it, sports car rental is the best way to go. Below are 4 reasons you should always stick to renting a sports car, and not bothering with a purchase:


  1. Sports Car Rental Means Maximum Fun and Minimal Responsibility

First of all, when you rent a sports car you get all the best parts of what it means to drive a sports car. These things include powerful acceleration, high speeds, dramatic torque, agile handling and centres of gravity that make you feel glued to the road. These unique experiences a sports car will give you whether you buy or rent.


The difference? When you buy, you have the added annual expense of insurance, tax and other running costs. On top of that, you have the constant shadow of cripplingly expensive repairs hanging over you like the sword of Damocles. On yourmechanic.com, it’s estimated that maintenance and repair to a Porsche 911 ranges from $80 to more than $15,000. That’s quite a range! Better just to rent and enjoy the fun side.


  1. Never Lose the Novelty

When you buy a sports car, it’s great at first and you’ll certainly love driving it around. The problem is that sooner or later the novelty will wear off and it’ll just become “your car.” When you reach this point, all you’re left with is an admittedly nice car, but also a financial and security burden for all the years that you own it.


Sports car rental means that every time is a fresh and new experience. You can switch to different models, try out all that that a certain brand has to offer. Better yet, you can expand your horizons and experience cars from a range of automotive legends. Every rental is a new adventure — it never gets old!


  1. It Makes Special Occasions Even More Celebratory

A nice sports car rental can become part of your fun time. If you’re celebrating a bachelor party, a wedding anniversary, important birthday milestone — the list goes on — a beautiful and dynamic sports car adds an incredible new dimension to the entire experience. During such times, it’s normal to rack your brains thinking of ways to make it more meaningful and enjoyable. A fancy car is a great way to start!


  1. Experience All There Is Before You Buy

Let’s say that, for you, sports car rental is more of a means to an end. Maybe you’ve just made it big, and are looking for a car to indicate your incredible success. Why not, right? You’ve earned it. Well, ultimately, it’s a good plan, but why not rent some cars first to try them out?


A typical dealership test drive is a good place to start, but you can’t get the full driving experience from that. Renting a car for a week and seeing how it fares in your real day-to-day driving is a much better way to experience and appreciate (or not) the car before you make a purchase. That much makes sense. Try several models and then you can make a truly informed decision.


Sports Car Rental – Always the Best Option

Whether you rent a sports car for special occasions, or as a way of exploring your options before you make a purchase, the advantages are crystal clear. Consider now the benefits of sports car rental, and make the right choice.


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