4 Reasons You Should Store Your Car in the Garage

If you live in a home, apartment, or complex with garage space, then you know how handy it is to have a safe space to keep your car overnight. But we can’t avoid the fact that the temptation is real – parking on the street is faster, easier, and a pretty good way to show off your beautiful ride.

In this article, we’ll pull out the most important reasons to move your car into the garage where it belongs.


1. Improve Your General Security

Keeping vehicles inside a garage can help put distressed property buyers at ease by protecting their vehicles from theft and damage.

While many people may raise the risks of squeezing big cars into small garage spaces, those tiny bumps and scratches (if they occur) are nothing compared to the smashed windows, slashed cars, and stolen property that keeping your car out on the road can open you up to.

By storing your car in a garage, you’re preventing your car from being damaged, stolen, or broken into by any burglars that may be circulating in your area.

2. Save on Insurance

Parking your vehicle inside a garage can reduce the chances of unexpected damage. These can include vandalism, theft, or even a tree branch falling on it. For this reason, many insurance companies will charge you lower rates if you park in a garage. This way, you will not only keep your car safe but also save big bucks on your insurance.

Depending on your insurance company and plan, having a garage can help you save on annual car insurance payments.

3. Avoid Damage From the Elements

Season changes and other drastic changes in temperature can damage vehicles if they’re kept outside in direct contact with the elements.

Weather changes are unhealthy for cars; both extreme heat and extreme cold can do major damage across the board.

By keeping your car outside during summer, you risk damaging the paintwork, interior, and mechanics of your vehicle. In the winter, extreme cold spells can lower the ambient temperature of your engine, cause major frost damage, and worsen any windscreen chips that may be lurking.

Plus, storing your car outside opens it up to a mess from leaves, birds, or other animals that may reside in your area. Mice and rats can destroy a car’s engine by building a nest under the hood.

Keeping your car in a garage can help you avoid forking out thousands on damage repairs.

4. Better Overall Performance

Storing your car in a garage will ensure the longer life of your engine. As the temperature in a garage is usually consistent, the engine remains lubricated, which makes it perform better than one parked outside.

In addition to better performance of the engine, keeping your vehicle protected from extreme weather conditions will make your AC and heating systems work faster and more efficiently. Protecting your car from extreme heat and cold weather will also prevent any possible deterioration of the inside and outside.

Final Thoughts

So, whether you’re in the market for a house or just procrastinating cleaning the garage, this settles it: choose team garage to keep your car running and sparkling longer and to keep your family as safe as they can be.

Keeping your vehicle in the garage is an especially good idea if you’re looking to slash the prices of your annual car insurance this year or prevent stolen valuables or expensive damage repairs. Storing your car in a safe, secure garage can save you money and put your mind at rest.


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