5 Things You Should Know About Owning a Vehicle In New York

Owning a vehicle in New York has been a dream for many. To drive your vehicle around the
city, not stressing about train schedules and routes, certainly makes life easier. However,
the realities of owning a motor vehicle in New York City are not always pleasant.
While driving your vehicle across the city has its perks, keeping a car or a motorbike in New
York can be tedious. A vehicle brings the share of its things you need to be mindful of while
living in New York. This article highlights important things you should be aware of when you
own a vehicle in New York.


Insurance is essential for vehicle owners in New York. You cannot get your vehicle registered
without proof of insurance. Hence, insurance is a necessity and does not have many
alternatives. It’s important to compare premiums from various insurance providers and
work on improving your credit score to get reduced insurance costs for your vehicle.


The rules and processes of inspecting vehicles in New York can be exhausting. Your vehicle
will need to undergo a New York State Inspection in order to ensure that it is fit to be driven
on roads. These inspections look for existing issues in your vehicle that can be a potential
safety hazard to you or other drivers around you.
In New York, such inspections are carried out once every year to eliminate possible threats
and ensure emission levels are acceptable. However, vehicles sold privately or recently
transferred also call for inspections in New York. It is also important to know about specific vehicles that might be exempted from emission inspections. These include motorcycles,
electric vehicles, and vehicles that carry historical plates.
Once your inspection is carried out, you will either pass the inspection test or receive a
rejection notice. Upon clearing inspection, you will be provided with an inspection sticker
which is proof of your vehicle being allowed to be driven. In case of a rejection notice,
getting your vehicle fixed with the necessary repairs is crucial. Moreover, the absence of
inspection stickers can lead to fines, parking tickets, and failure to renew registrations.

Parking Trouble

One of the biggest problems with owning a vehicle in New York City is trying to find where
to park in the city. Parking can be a menace to deal with, and failing to park under the right
regulations leaves you at the risk of incurring expensive tickets, fines, or, worse, an expired
driving license!

  • Street Parking

Relying upon on-street parking without proper arrangements would not be a very wise
decision. It is difficult, if not impossible, to get a comfortable parking spot daily. With most
of the space for street parking taken up by outdoor dining, parking your vehicle on the
streets can be a problem.
Furthermore, parking conditions can get worse in more populated neighborhoods. In areas
like Manhattan and Brooklyn, parking your vehicle across the street is tough without making
the right arrangements, i.e., either renting your own private parking space or purchasing it.
In both cases, this option is expensive and another cost that you need to account for!

  • Garage Parking

Another obstacle you might face while living in New York City is finding the right garage
parking spot. Garage parking can be a safe yet costly option for your vehicle. Finding a
property that includes a garage is quite heavy on the pocket on average. The other option
might be to look into renting a garage to park your vehicle. The cost to rent a garage ranges
from $20 to $50 each day in New York neighborhoods.

  • Parking Tickets

Incurring parking tickets does not come as a surprise to most drivers in New York. The
issuance of these tickets has increased in frequency, with the city collecting $993 million in
fines from parking tickets alone! Hence, it is safe to say that these tickets can be extremely
expensive, and routinely incurring such tickets would have a heavy blow on your monthly

Bustling Traffic

It is no secret that the traffic in New York can be horrific! New York ranks fourth in the list of
US cities with the worst congestion. Driving your vehicle in such traffic can be physically and
mentally exhausting! This results in crucial time being lost and increases the chances of
damage to your vehicles in the form of accidents. Driving in traffic also results in poor fuel
consumption of your vehicle — another added expense!

Hence, it becomes crucial to understand the traffic in New York before owning a vehicle. If
the route to your workplace is crowded with cars, taking the subway might seem a cheaper
and quicker option. However, some tricks can come in handy to beat traffic. Checking
relevant applications for traffic and GPS can certainly be effective when it comes to avoiding
congested roads. Finding substitute routes to your destinations is also a good idea to reach
faster. Moreover, leaving for your workplace a little early also helps.

Gas Stations

Unlike other cities, gas stations are surprisingly difficult to find in some areas of New York. In
Manhattan, for example, you will likely have to travel considerable distances to fill your
vehicle’s gas tank. It’s important to keep this in mind when you own a vehicle in the city. It’s
best to stay on top of your fuel needs and know where the closest gas stations are located.

Wrapping Up

There are little to no alternatives when it comes to the flexibility and comfort that a
personal vehicle offers. However, it is important to take a holistic approach and consider all
the factors that come with driving a vehicle in New York City. Considering the average prices
of cars and motorbikes, alongside gas prices, the traffic, and the parking situation, there are
numerous factors you should be mindful of when owning a vehicle in New York. That said,
the benefits of owning one are undeniable.


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