5 Tips for choosing a towing service

Choosing a towing company isn’t all that hard, really. Most offer almost the same service and there are many you can choose from. Should you experience car problems and need a tow truck, here are some tips to help you choose the best tow truck service.

  1. Contact the police

There is always a chance that your car might breakdown while you’re out of town on a road trip. In fact, the chances of a car breaking down while you’re traveling long-distance are higher than when you’re just doing your daily commute. Let’s say you’re traveling around Texas and while passing through Conroe your car dies.

The best thing to do would be to contact the local police and ask them if they know any towing service that you could call. They might suggest tow truck  conroe or some other towing company. In any case, they will be your best resource if you’re not familiar with the area and need your car towed.


  1. Get AAA

Triple-A is going to be your friend should you experience any type of car problem. It will be a good investment especially when you need to get your car towed. In such cases, triple-A will be the one to contact the towing company should you need one, or send one of their own. They keep a list of all towing companies in and around the area should any of their customers call and request towing.

If you living in Lexington, Kentucky, for example, Triple-A will have the numbers for towing Lexington in their files and tap them for their service every now and then. It’s also possible to ask them for recommendations and you can call the companies yourself if you’re looking for a specific service.


  1. Customer service

The moment you call a tow truck for car pick-up, how they treat you over the phone is going to determine the kind of service they will offer. Bad customer service will be very evident in the first few minutes of the call and is usually a good indication of poor customer service when the truck arrives.

If you feel like you are being treated without respect as a customer over the phone, you better call another tow company. Going for quality customer service will mean you will be treated with respect and, as a plus, you’ll probably end up saving some money.


  1. Ask for the price first

If you call around for a tow truck, make sure one of the first things you ask is pricing. Some towing companies will inflate their prices when you ask about it on site. It’s best that you settle this even before they send out a tow truck.

When asking for the price, a good tow company should be able to tell you the cost for the service plus any additional fees or charges that might be included. If you don’t have cash with you, make sure they also accept credit cards or other forms of payment.


  1. Getting a ride

Should you experience car trouble and no one is available to pick you up, ask the tow company if you can ride with the driver to where your car is being towed. If not, you’ll have a harder time looking for other modes of transportation. Most tow companies like tow truck Tampa should be able to extend this service to their customers.



Finding the right tow company is a fairly straightforward business. What you want is a company that offers the service you need, has good customer service and is clear and honest about their price upfront. For convenience, you can search for such companies just in case you might need it in the future.



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  1. I liked what you said about making sure that you ask for the price first. My sister likes to go on trips and she is worried about her car breaking down. It could be really nice for her to get a professional to help her if she breaks down.

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