$50 MILLION MANSION With 20 CAR UNDERGROUND GARAGE: One Of The Most Impressive Oceanfront Homes In Vero Beach!!!

This guy lives in $50 million dollar mansion with underground garage with 20 cars in it. He lives in Vero Beach and you can see what a beautiful mansion he has. He is taking us on a tour around the mansion. From the way that it was built and made we see that the workers did a pretty good job. You know that the mansion is enormous when the video of the house lasts 10 minutes. The guy even has his own helicopter and not that you did not assume, but he has a big swimming pool too.

It is a dream for everybody. You can not deny that. We all want to live in big houses, own big mansions and a lot of crazy cars. This mansion is a perfect example of how a true mansion should look like. A lot of people’s opinion is that he has a lot of money, but he has a bad taste. However we all have different taste and we all think in our own way. I bet that the owner loves his mansion and that he does not care much about comments. See for yourself and enjoy the video.


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