6.7L Ford Powerstroke PUT UP ON A DYNO IN PUBLIC!!!

Trucks are powerful as much as it gets but when their owners start modifying them and start tuning them they just make them extremely powerful monsters!

In this case we have a black lifted Platinum Ford F250.  The owner had done some tuning to it, he has tune his truck with a custom tune set from SPE Hot X Tune and a HPE Mini Maxx Tuner. With that alone this truck has been turned into a monster, producing a 435 horsepower and 926 lb-ft of torque, can you imagine what kind of power this truck is making.

And in the video we can see this Black beast put on a dyno, proving and showing to all of us just how much power this truck has. We can all see that the 6.7L Ford Powerstroke is making an unbelievable power on that dyno, and if you want to see for yourself you should watch the video.

Enjoy the video and be careful not to get scared when the driver press the gas pedal, and turn your volume up because the sound that this truck makes is unbelievably strong!


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