6 Things to Know Before Buying Personalized Number Plates

We all want our car to stand out from the crowd. We give it a unique paint job or add a car spoiler to make it spicier, but nothing can be more unique than your own personalized number plate!

It is an incredible opportunity to make your car stand out from the crowd. Even with the most common car out there, a personalized number plate will be distinctive. Here is your chance to give your car a different persona.


Sounds very exciting, doesn’t it? As fun as it sounds, we must first consider some issues regarding number plate buying. Spending on personalized number plates is not as simple as it sounds.


Check out these six tips before buying personalized number plates.

Be Mentally Prepared to Spend a Lot of Money

If you want a customized plate, know that they are expensive. Are you prepared to pay the price?


Create a budget for how much you are willing to spend on your customized license plate. Once you fix a budget, make sure you don’t go over it.


If you are thinking of buying a brand new one, it will be more expensive. Chances are that the number you want to go for is already taken. Go for a pre-existing custom license plate that the owner is willing to sell.


At Swiftreg, you can find different private number plates at various prices. The private license plates available are DVLA approved and can be used by DVLA registered cars.

Be Ready to Pay the Fees

You must add DVLA fees to your budget. DVLA oversees all car registrations. If you are going to get a new plate, you have to pay the fees.

The fees will increase the cost of owning a customized number. Hence, knowing all of them before you get one is crucial. Set a budget that includes all costs.


When a plate is designated to a car, you have to pay an assigning fee to DVLA. If you want to add or edit details, you have to pay an extra fee for it. You also have to pay a yearly fee to renew the registration.

You Can’t Make Your Old Car Appear New

You can’t use a registration number that makes your car appear new. It is against the rule of DVLA to use a personalized plate to do that.


You can buy an old number, but not one that is newer than your car model.

Your number plate and your car age must match. You can use one with the same age or older.


This is one of the top DVLA requirements. Without fulfilling the requirements, your dream of getting a customized plate shall only remain a dream!

Stay Open to Various Ones

If you are settled on “the one” number you came up with, chances are that you will be disappointed. There are numerous custom plates already being used on running vehicles.


With so many people around, your plate of choice is likely to be already taken. Come up with a few combinations of styles you want if you are going for a brand new number.


You can also look up the numbers or letters you want on a car plate registration website like Swiftreg. You can find various available styles that are available on the market for purchase.


Staying open does not mean you have to settle. You are spending your hard earned money and should choose one you are satisfied with.

Choose Something Special

Since you are willing to spend money on this, don’t just opt for something to show off to other people. Impressing people is nice but don’t waste this unique opportunity simply on that. Use the plate to tell people something about you or your personality.


A number plate is something you are hoping to keep with you for at least a few years, so don’t choose something you will easily grow tired of. Go for a meaningful number that you will want to keep with you.


Remember that this plate says something about you. Choosing something that is silly or offensive will make you look tacky. Instead, choose something that represents you whilst sending a positive message to the world.

Give it as a Present

Did you know that you can buy one for someone else? DVLA allows you to give your license plate to someone else. When you fill out the form, you can add your loved one as a nominee.


This nominee will be able to use the one you bought, but don’t forget that the yearly fee will still need to be paid.


Be ready to pay the yearly fee or tell your loved one to do so. Without the payment, they will lose the right to use the registration number.


Giving a customized number plate is a wonderful idea for a gift. Choose something that is important to both you and your loved one, such as an anniversary date, birthdate, etc.

Final Thoughts

Personalized license plates are an exciting investment. You get the chance to express yourself and your car in a way that everyone can see. Use this chance to show a side of yourself to the world.


When you are spending money on this, make sure you fix a budget. Include all the fees and stick to the budget you agreed on.


Remember that this is a luxury; choose something that is special to you. Choose something that shows you in a positive light.


Don’t be disappointed if the style of your choice is unavailable. Keep yourself open to different options. If you are on a low budget, opt for a pre-existing one. May you find the one you want!



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