THE GLORIOUS AMERICAN MUSCLE Saves The Day! ’67 Ford Mustang From Fast and Furious 3 ROARING LIKE MAD With The Skyline Engine!!!

The Fast and the Furious is one of the most watched movies, because they involve race cars like nobody has ever seen before. And in the third part, Tokyo Drift, there is one American muscle car that will save the day.

It is the famous Ford Mustang that made the drift look so easy and the burned the tires on the asphalt. Now the engineers tried to make something that nobody has ever done before, take took for a challenge to mount a Nissan Skyline engine into the famous 1967 Ford Mustang. Classic American car with a Nissan engine sounds a bit creepy, and because this car is big and it has so much space in the hood, it was fairly easy to mount the small engine inside. This Nissan Skyline engine is a 2 liter capacity DOHC engine and it is from the mid-90s.

But it should not be underestimated because it can do some pretty extreme stuff too, because the skyline is one of the fastest Nissan production line cars. And the sound that comes from this V engine is easy to recognize and somehow pleasant for the ears. Check it out here:


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