7 Best Car Design That you Might Missed

It’s no secret that different automobile companies are working around the clock trying to outdo each other. As a result, new car designs keep popping up daily. So some of these designs are so good to the point of raising a few eyebrows within the automobile community. However, since these designs are as many as they are frequent, it’s quite easy for you to miss out on some of them. Below is a list of seven, most recent top car designs that might have flown under your radar:

The New Polestar 2 Car Design

Polestar most recently unveiled its latest car design that ended up generating a considerable amount of buzz. The car model is not only futuristic but pocket-friendly as well. The brand new Polestar 2 comes with a plethora of advancements including an electric engine capable of an impressive 0-100km acceleration under five seconds. Moreover, the fact that the polestar’s engine runs exclusively on electricity makes it even more than impressive.

The futuristic coupe also boasts of an elegant exterior that’s so enticing to look at. Thankfully, the quality of the five-door fastback coupe’s exterior is mirrored in the interior. Besides the beautifully finished vegan textile interior, the Polestar 2 also comes complete with a phone-as-key feature which makes the car that much more secure. If interested, you can have this remarkable piece of art parked in your garage for as little as 40,000 pounds.



Centoventi is the newest car model from Fiat. The auto giant wanted to gift their faithful customers with an affordable, futuristic model befit to commemorate their one hundred and twenty successful years in the car manufacturing business. The massive, artsy-looking piece of engineering mastery runs exclusively on electricity. Also, a few details from the 1980 Fiat Panda were included on the Centoventi.

For the sake of variety, prospective customers will be presented with four different versions of roof designs, bumpers, external wrappings, wheel covers, and wheel covers. The batteries are also set to offer a brand new experience for the drivers. This feature will allow them to either rent or buy extra units which would allow them to drive over longer distances without having to take recharge breaks in between.



The Minimo is a futuristic car designed by Seat. The whole idea behind the making of this remarkably beautiful car was to simplify the lives of city dwellers. What makes Seat’s Minimo design noteworthy is how they made it easy for it to not only glide through traffic but also park quite flawlessly.

The Minimo also has a secure battery swap system which makes it easier for the driver to change the battery on the go, conveniently eliminating the need to always be on the lookout for a charging spot especially when they are on a long ride. The Minimo is designed to be compact without compromising the driver and passenger’s comfort.



Carmen is a futuristic automobile explicitly designed for drivers who not only love luxury and have the money to afford it. Developed by Hispano Suiza automotive company, Carmen has with an élite structure that closely resembles that of a Bugatti. The exterior is fashioned out of carbon fiber, which ensures that the polished exterior maintains the glitter for the longest time.

Touring in this luxurious car assures a breathtaking view courtesy of its impressively big windows. Finally, the electric engine under the hood comes with an impressive powertrain, allowing the Carmen to score impressive accelerations of up to 0-100km in just under three seconds.


Mark Zero

Mark Zero is an electric sports car designed by Piech Automotive. There are several features that make this car special, one of them being its remarkably streamlined chassis. One glance at the car and you could tell with ease that it was designed for speed. The Mark Zero special so happens to be the perfect hybrid of a modern race car with that unmistaken classic touch. Apart from its eye-candy looks, the Mark Zero’s superb engine can be charged up to 80% in less than five minutes.



Designed and put together by Puritalia Automotive, the Berlineta is a luxurious sports car that comes retrofitted with a few unique qualities you’re likely to enjoy. First, the sports car dons a not so conventional, super-hybrid electric engine under its hood. What makes this engine special is its attachment to an electric motor (by the rear axle) to a V8 engine using a priority based artificial intelligence software.

The Berlinetta engine carries the capacity to torque an impressive 965 horsepower on full throttle. The streamlined chassis of this car is made out of carbon-fiber which ensures longevity on its shimmering surface. Only 150 custom-made Berlinetta models will be produced so if you want one, better make that order quickly.


Ami One

Another car engineered that’s built to ensure a conducive urban driving environment is the Ami One. Designed and built by Citroen Automotive company, the Ami One comes with some of the most enticing features you’ll get to see on a vehicle. For starters, the car is ultra-compact, making it suitable for driving through narrow paths without risking scratches all over its external surface.

With a top speed of about 28 miles an hour, the Ami One is the perfect fit for drivers as young as 16 years of age since one doesn’t require a license for it. Finally, Ami One is also very affordable.



As time goes on, more automobile companies are coming up with more scintillating car designs in the hope of securing hence controlling the rather unproductive future of the vehicle industry. Therefore, it is crucial for you as a bona fide car enthusiast to try as much as possible always to keep up. Doing so will allow you to know exactly what to go for when it’s finally time to upgrade.

Apart from keeping a watchful eye on authoritative automobile blogs online, you can also get in touch with any seasoned Audit Repairs Euro Specialists for advice. Doing so is very important because it’s their job to know what’s new and what’s outdated, which will, in turn, make the job easier for you.



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