9 Tools Every Pickup Owner Should Have

There are many things that a truck driver needs to have in his vehicle because when you are on the road, you are out in the world and can face any danger anytime.

Moreover, you might go through any situation where you need tools and supplies for your survival or maybe to help someone else.

To avoid such troubles, we will disclose the important tools every pickup driver should have. You don’t need to be a mechanic to reach your home safely or get to the nearest repair shop; you need to have some basic information about your vehicle and required tools to save yourself from any danger.

Here is a shortlist of basic items you need to have in your truck to prevent worse situations; these nine inexpensive tools should be with you all the time.

  1. Small hand tool kit

A hand tool kit is must to have with every truck driver. It has standard, and metric wrenched and sockets which you might need in almost every now and then.

A good tool kit should have all sorts of pliers and screwdrivers. Don’t compromise on the quality and buy a good quality tool kit as it will be a long-term investment.

  1. Windshield washer fluid

Windshield water fluid should be with your tool kit. It is used to clean your windshield, as sometimes you go through a dusty area and get dirt on your windshield.

Keeping the windshield clean is very important as you see through it.

It’s best if you buy two to three bottles of it at the same time and store it so that you don’t have to waste your time buying it while driving. Make sure to clean the blades as well once in a while.

  1. Cranking flashlight

Having a cranking flashlight is very important, sometimes you have to work at nights and pass through a dangerous area, and your truck might stop suddenly, so having a flashlight, in that case, is very important. Other than that, it has many benefits.

A cranking flashlight is good as you don’t have to worry about the batteries plus it is very bright and useful.

  1. Tire air gauge

A truck driver always needs an air gauge with him because he needs to check the air pressure of the tires. It is a very useful tool to keep your tires maintained.

There are many types of air gauges; it is best if you buy the one that doesn’t need batteries, so you don’t have to worry if it runs out of batteries.

  1. High capacity tow rope

truck winch is used to lift or tow anything with a rope, sometimes cable or chain. It is very important to keep it in your vehicle because you never know when what life might bring.

It is not used very often, but it is always handy to keep it with you all the time. It is absolutely great to get you out of a difficult situation.

  1. Good gloves

Gloves have so many uses, without gloves, you might get dirt or any permanent stain on your hand. A driver has to deal with many issues, and without a glove, his hands might get rough.

Don’t go for cheap gloves, in this case, get some high-quality mechanic gloves to protect your hands. It is better to buy 2 or 3 pairs of gloves, so you always have a spare when needed.

  1. Multi-tool

A multi toolbox is always handy when you are traveling. It has many different types of tools which can be used for just anything, whether you have any engine issues, fuel issues, faulty nuts, loose hoses, or wheel problems.

It is very useful for anything in your truck. Sometimes you see someone facing car problems, so you can help them if you have the essential tools.

  1. Engine coolant

Now, this is an important item for your vehicle’s safety. It is a must-buy item for all the truck drivers.

Many times, the engine gets really hot and stops working, so in that case engine coolant can save your day by cooling the engine.

  1. Extra belt and hoses

That’s true that truck drivers always face something dangerous, so why not buy extra things to avoid such dangerous conditions. They may face damage or breakdown of hoses and belts and need to replace them with new ones. So, it is better to have extra belts and hoses in your vehicle so you can change it anytime instead of someone else to do, it will also save a lot of money.


There are many things to be in your vehicle once you get on the road. It is important to have proper storage for all the required and extra supplies to prevent from getting into danger.



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