900HP Killer Integra With Giant TURBO Hits 190mph Without Any Mercy At The Pikes Peak Airstrip Attack!!!

Another video from the YouTube channel 1320video and this time they have a very fast 900HP TURBO Integra that was able to hit 190mph. It is always fun to watch one car reach its limits and in this video you will see how this Integra gives the maximum.

The video is filmed as a part of a drag race event on an open track where we can notice all kinds of race cars. But the main attraction in this video is this Integra that has a giant turbocharger attached on the engine and also aero parts that makes this Integra cut and slide through the wind like a real bullet. For me this is one of the fastest Integra’s that I have seen so far and I also should mention that it is one of the better looking race cars on the track. The owner of the Integra, also the driver is one hell of a guy. We can see that when he was able to get the 190mph on a half a mile run he was shaking from excitement and adrenaline.

I can just imagine sitting in that Integra’s seat and going with 190 mph, can you…?


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